Heaven - Seems
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Heaven, Dennis McGrath

134 pages
4 color offset printing
9” x 11”
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About Dennis McGrath

Born in New Jersey, in 1969, Dennis McGrath became interested in photography through his love for skateboarding as a teenager. He moved to California to study at San Francisco Art Institute in 1994. There he was introduced to the work of Nan Goldin and Larry Clark which had a huge influence and sparked his interest in photographing those people closest to him. After getting an unexpected refund after dropping a class he bought a fisheye lens for his Nikon and started shooting skateboard photos full time. “I was asked to go on a skateboarding tour summer of 1995, we got back in September (once classes already resumed) so I quit school”. In the mid 90’s he started photographing one skater in particular, Lennie Kirk, who was a wild young kid from North Carolina who had made the exodus to California like many others to skate. Shooting Lennie has led to a 20 year project titled HEAVEN, finished in late 2014. After living in San Francisco for 7 years Dennis moved to Los Angeles to work on staff at Big Brother Skateboard Magazine in 2001. Published by Larry Flynt at the time McGrath was invited to visit the set of an adult video being shot up in the San Fernando Valley north of LA...."from the moment I walked into this big, hardly furnished home up in Chatsworth all I kept thinking was I gotta come back and photograph this more”. Three years later Dennis contacted the director to see if he could come shoot behind the scenes documentary photos on his sets and he said yes. From 2004-2007 he shot on sets in and around Los Angeles. Dennis McGrath lives and works in Los Angeles, CA USA

About the Book

Dennis McGrath’s debut book Heaven illustrates an incredible journey of a lost soul. Professional skateboarder Lennie Kirk started his career in the early ‘90s, at the ripe young age of 16. He was a wild child, fearless and invincible. Nothing seemed out of his reach. He was only 18 when he was run over by a truck. Board broken but otherwise unharmed, he walks away and ‘found God’. After being ‘saved’ his wild antics were no different, if anything crazier. His passion was manic and dangerous, and often got him into trouble. Being ‘saved’ wasn’t enough to save him in the end. Lennie is currently serving 13 years in jail. It’s his second sentence. With an intense collection of letters, photographs and ephemera, McGrath takes us on a visual journey through Lennie’s wild ride of life.

Thanks to DC, whose generous support helped make this book possible.